The best discount code from Science.bio – guaranteed (updated: May 2024)


Want to get the best and biggest discount possible from Science.bio? It’s simple. 

Just use the code GOODBRAINGUIDE10 for 10% off every time you make a purchase on Science.bio.

Here’s why you should use our code:

  1. You’ll get the biggest discount possible (10% off) which means you’ll save the maximum amount possible. 
  2. You’ll be able to use this code at any time. This code has no expiry.


How do I use this coupon code? 

Step 1: Visit Science.bio and add products to your shopping cart.

Step 2: When you’re done shopping, click on your shopping cart and hit the yellow ‘checkout’ button. 

Step 3: Insert the code GOODBRAINGUIDE10 into the ‘Gift card or coupon code’ field and click ‘Apply’ 

Step 4: Complete your purchase to enjoy 10% off your order! 


Is this the best discount code available? 

YES! This is the best and biggest discount possible for Science.bio, guaranteed. You will not be able to find a bigger discount code for this supplier. 

Does this discount code work? 

Absolutely. This code works as of May 2024. It is used frequently by our readers and will never expire. This code will always work. 

Does this discount code work for all products?

Yes, this discount code will give you a 10% discount on ALL products sold by Science.bio on their website. 

Science.bio sells products in the following categories:

  • Nootropics
  • Metabolics
  • Longevity 
  • Natural 
  • Supplies 


Use GOOGBRAINGUIDE10 for 10% off any product on Science.bio


How many times can I use this discount code? 

Use the discount code GOODBRAINGUIDE10 for your first purchase and enjoy 10% discount off the total.

Can I use more than 1 discount code on Science.bio

You can only use 1 discount code with every purchase so make sure you use the one that’ll give you the biggest savings! 

Using GOODBRAINGUIDE10 will get you 10% off the first purchase you make at Science.bio


How can I get MAXIMUM savings when purchasing from Science.bio

The first thing you should do is use the discount code GOODBRAINGUIDE10 for the maximum discount of 10% off your purchase

Another thing you can do is buy in bulk. Science.bio rewards customers who purchase more than 1 of the same product.

Purchasing in bulk will also get you free shipping!

Customers from the US enjoy free shipping on orders above $100.

International customers enjoy free shipping for orders above $400. 


So, here’s a recap on how to maximise savings when shopping at Science.bio:


  • Use the discount code GOODBRAINGUIDE10 
  • Buy in bulk (purchase more than 1 of the same item) 
  • Enjoy free shipping for orders above $100 (USA) and above $400 (International) 


Does Science.bio ever offer special discounts? 

Yes! Science.bio offers special discounts a couple times a year where you can save up to 25%. 

Science.bio offers time-based discounts for Christmas and Black Friday that last only 48 hours. Drop us your email so we’ll notify you when these sales are coming up. 

Here’s what you can expect come this November for Black Friday and December for Christmas. Note that these amounts may change, and are subject to Science.bio’s discretion. 


Black Friday Discounts in November:

  • 20% off all orders
  • 25% off orders over $250 
  • 30% off orders over $500 


If you buy in bulk on Black Friday, you could potentially save 45% on your purchase. 

Christmas Discounts in December: 

  • 20% off all orders
  • 25% off orders over $250 

 If you buy in bulk on Christmas, you could potentially save 40% on your purchase. 

Drop us your email so we can inform you of the next sale season. 


Can I get free shipping from Science.bio

There are no free shipping discount codes from Science.bio but you can certainly get free shipping when you purchase above certain amounts. 

Over $100 for customers in the USA. 

Over $400 for International customers. 


Does your discount code expire? 

Our GOODBRAINGUIDE10 discount code will not expire. You can use this code at any time to purchase products from Science.bio


Why Science.bio

Here’s why we believe Science.bio is the best nootropics supplier for chemical compounds and liquid solutions.

  • Legitimacy – Intensive 3rd Party Testing Process & quality control processes
  • Purity – Consistent 99% Purity
  • Customer Support – quick response times 
  • Fast & Free Shipping On Orders Over $100
  • Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee



Previously known as irc.bio, Science.bio has been in the research chemicals and nootropics market since 2018. 

They are dedicated to providing reference materials of the highest quality for life science research and their clients range from large multinational corporations and institutions to individual researchers specializing in neuroscience, anti-aging and metabolic research. 



Science.bio are meticulous when it comes to quality. They have a strong quality control mission and practices in place to ensure all products are of the highest quality. Their purity standards consistently meet a 99% level. 

Read about their Quality Control Mission here


Customer Support 

Science.bio places customer satisfaction as a top priority. They have a team of customer representatives working round the clock to respond to customer queries and solve any issues that may arise. 

Their response time is usually 24 hours. 


Fast Shipping 

Whether you’re ordering from the US or Internationally, Science.bio will get your products to you FAST. 

Orders placed before 12pm PST will typically ship the same day. Otherwise, they’ll definitely ship the next business day. 

For international orders, Science.bio usually takes about a week to reach Europe and Australia which is excellent considering most suppliers take over 2 weeks! 


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Science.bio offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your order. All you have to do is contact customer service for assistance. 


Payment Methods

Science.bio accepts a variety of payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Bank transfer
  • eCheck 
  • Zelle
  • PopMoney 


We hope this article has helped give you good information on Science.bio and why they’re our first choice when it comes to quality nootropics and metabolic supplements. 


Now you know that the next time you purchase nootropics from Science.bio, use the discount code GOODBRAINGUIDE10 for 10% off every purchase


*This post contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.


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